The Importance of Dad Dates

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life and miss out on spending on-on-one time with your children. Especially if you’re working full time or have more than one child. That’s why it’s so important to make time for Dad Dates – quality time for your child to feel special, loved and listened to.

Top Tips for Dad Dates

Dad Dates can be anything from a lunch out to a shopping trip or a play at the park – time where you can talk, play, listen and enjoy each other’s company, without distraction. For more on Dad Dates, check out this video from the Fathering Project and some of their top tips below:

Dad Dates should be one adult and one child at a time
Give your child your full attention and avoid checking your mobile phone or watching TV
Book it in and try not to cancel – schedule it in your diary and stick to it!
Focus on connecting so you child feels they are valued, loved and worth your time
Every so often do something special your child wants to try
Encourage open conversation, especially as your child gets older. This will help to build trust.

Help children form secure attachment from an early age

Your child is never too young to start going on Dad Dates! With our background as Early Childhood professionals, we know that forming secure attachment and relationships are crucial to help babies and toddlers to grow confidence and the ability to learn.

Some Date Date ideas for younger children include:
Coffee and babycino at your local café
Lunch or dinner at a child-friendly venue
Go for a walk or bike ride
Take a ball to the local park
Visit a new playground
Go to a zoo, farm experience or wildlife park
See a children’s movie at the local cinema

Of course, the Dad Date philosophy can be applied to any of the important caregivers in your child’s life; mum, dad, grandparent or legal guardian; the result will be the same. Your child will feel connected, loved and secure through quality bonding time with the full attention of the important adults in their lives.

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