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Child at cafe sitting at table in Kruzi stroller highchair

Making Outings Easy

Let’s face it, life gets complicated when you become a parent. The things that used to be simple, like leaving the house for a quick coffee catchup with a friend become a big event when you have a little person to consider. What do you need to pack? What time is best to avoid nap times and align with mealtimes? Do you need to bring baby food or snacks and how will they eat it? Will there be enough room to park your pram? Will there be a highchair available? Should you bring some surface wipes to ensure its hygienic? Will it be safe and comfortable? Maybe it’s just easier to stay home…

This is why we created the Kruzi stroller, the world’s first two-in-one stroller highchair. It makes outings easier by lifting your child quickly up to highchair height in one simple motion, while they’re still securely seated. So you can leave the house without the hassle, and never have to borrow a highchair again.

Bring your child up to the table for shared mealtimes anytime, anywhere – there’s even an attachable tray table included. And with four recline settings, your child can even sleep on the go too! A lightweight travel stroller, compact enough to take on short trips to the shop or long vacations around the world.

Kruzi inventor and owner Sam

Australian Owned and Designed

Perth business owner and mother-of-two, Samantha Morrell, came up with the idea of the Kruzi Stroller while dining at a café. As she watched a young family struggle to set up their two children to eat at a nearby table, she remembered the challenges of being a young mum herself and thought how this process could be made so much easier with a 2-in-1 solution.

As the owner/operator of childcare group Keiki Early Learning since 2003, Sam is also passionate about early childhood development. Shared mealtimes are an important way for young children to learn, socialise and form good eating habits; the Kruzi Stroller can be wheeled right up to the table so children can be part of the dining experience and interact with others around them.

The Kruzi Stroller is 100% Australian owned and designed, helping to make outings easy for young families.

Featured on Australia By Design

Click here to see the full episode and learn more about the development of the Kruzi Stroller (formerly Keiki Stroller), as featured on Australia By Design: Innovations (segment featured at 11:55mins).

Making Outings Easy

The world’s first stroller highchair.

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