Making Outings Easy

Introducing the world’s first hybrid stroller highchair.

The Kruzi Stroller is a two-in-one stroller highchair solution for children 6 months and older. The seat easily and conveniently raises up to an upright highchair position while the child is still seated, removing the need for an additional highchair while you’re on the go. Perfect for dining out, travelling, and visiting friends and family, it makes outings easy.

Giving everyone a seat at the table

Help your child to form good eating habits and early socialisation skills by bringing them up to the table for shared meal times.

Child eating in stroller highchair with tray

A highchair for anytime, anywhere

A safe and hygienic solution for dining out, travel or visiting friends and family.

family walking on bushland path with stroller

Adventures with ease

Perfect of travel, the light and compact Kruzi Stroller folds down quickly and saves space by removing the need for an extra high chair.

Making Outings Easy

The world’s first stroller highchair.